Study Tour of 
The Geology of

SUMMER 2013: May 16 - May 27

Focus and Fun

Well will focus on the elements of Physical Geology - this is NOT field camp. This is Physical Geology, what no book can show you; see, touch, and marvel at Geology - The Geology of Ireland

Important Concepts / Student Study Outcomes

BASICS: Plate Tectonics; Time and Geology

ROCKS: Igneous Rocks, Intrusive Activity, Origin of Igneous Rocks, and Extrusive Rocks; Weathering, Soil, Sediment and Sedimentary Rocks; Metamorphic Rocks; Minerals

Rock Identification

LANDFORMS: Waves, Beaches and Coasts; Mountains; Glaciers and Glaciation; Wind Action; Geologic Structures; Earthquakes; and the Continental Crust

Feature Identification

GEO-HYDROLOGY: Streams and Floods; Ground Water

IRELAND: Geologic Resources

The Rock of Cashel