Study Tour of 
The Geology of

SUMMER 2013: May 16 - May 27

“Study” Tour of the Geology of Ireland, EF College Study Tours. This is an incredible full service tour with local guide and Prof Kelly.  See such geologic diversity on The Emerald Isle, with the world’s most welcoming people. Tour is schedule for May 2013; so join now. 

Browse the website; marvel at the geology to be seen, touched, and experienced. Download the full brochure “The Geology of Ireland.” Find the geology topics to been enjoyed and experienced; not imagined from pictures and text in a geology text. Enjoy the fun of a recent summer geology field trip in pictures.  Review Prof Kelly’s qualifications other than his Irish family blood; see even the O’Kelly Clan castle. You will discover Geological Engineering / Engineering Geology will be part of the total experience. Of course email, blogs, and links for your further geological enjoyment are included.

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SUMMER 2013: May 16 - May 27....Cost see EF Tours USA/International